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Privacy and patents issues and the future of advanced browsing.

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Anonymity and Privacy

Big Brother is watching you...

Article from The Guardian on Google & co
Every time you use an internet search engine, your inquiry is stored in a huge database. Andrew Brown reports on an incident at AOL that has exposed how much we divulge to Google & co.
Scroogle's Google search and Yahoo search replicas.
The easy way to do sensitive searches: no cookies (the WWW VL Advanced browsing checked for you on August 28, 2006), and they apparently keep no search-term records and erase access logs within 48 hours.
xB Browser
USB portable anonymous web browser. Seems to be the new Torpark.
GoogleWatch's Gookie article
What's in Google cookies and how to erase them while saving your search preferences. Their trick didn't fully work (some search preferences were lost) when we tried it on a google country domain.
A free personal proxy server to hide your IP address when surfing.
Anonymity index
List of resources about anonymous remailing.

The Future

* The Semantic Web
The next big idea of Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web: using and strengthening the analogies between the Web and the brain. Never underestimate Sir Tim.

Software innovations such as advanced browsing software are constantly under threat (see for example this letter from Tim Berners-Lee - who started the Virtual Library) due to the messy situation regarding software patents in the US and Europe.

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