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Resources to resize, summarize, personalize, translate or browse safely information with your browser.

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This is not intended as an HTML guide, but rather as a guide to the best tricks some browsers/servers have found to improve readability and display of information, often regardless of the original formatting intentions of the author.

Screen size

Size matters...

Most other browsers can increase fonts of text (when text is not embedded in images).

Text length / Summarize

Size is everything...
Copernic summarizer
Summarizes web documents inside of all popular web browsers.

Sinope summarizer
Summarizes web documents inside of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Pertinence summarizer
In java, accessible from web browsers, can summarize HTML, PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT formats. Has a working demo summarizing Google's French results of searches.

Personalized pages

Good as a home page.
My Yahoo
All in one page, including weather, emails, agenda, stocks, tv listings, maps, movie showtimes, best fare tracker, bookmarks, package tracker, job offers...
My Jeeves
Saves, stores and shares anything you want from the web: search results, web pages, images, bookmarks...
Google's My account
Bookmarks, weather, email, news providers. What's neat is you can type keywords to select news providers.
My msn
News, weather, email... The tour page didn't work so I don't know much more about this service... And the Back menu (to go back to this page) doesn't work either...


Shows you friends who looked at the same things (books, music, movies, wines, restaurants, gadgets, stocks, actors, tv shows...) on popular sites and what they thought!

Click Tagging

The tracking package for blogs MyBlogLog has a nice navigation feature: when one rolls the mouse over a link, a tiny pop-up window tells you the ranking of the link within the page (e.g. it say this is the 17th most popular outgoing link of the page).

Safe browsing

Better safe than sorry...
Your Daily Computer Security Tips
Blog about keeping you safe & secure on the information superhighway.

Miscellaneous tips

Find solutions even for problems you didn't know you had...
PS's place
Blog with news, reviews, tutorials, how to's, tips and tricks about computers and the Internet.

! Web browsers

! Opera Turkiye
News, tips and tricks about Opera Browser in Turkish.


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