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Resources on mobile browsing and online applications.

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On the road

InformationWeek's article about mobile browsing
Mobile phones are used ever more often to browse the Web.
RussellBeattie's mobile browser blog
Mobile browsing is on the rise.

Online applications

You took only your browser along on this wild trip, yet now you urgently need Word, Excel or Photoshop but you have no money left because a pygmy elephant stole your wallet the other night - read on.
Free online word processing, spreadsheet, presentation tool, database, planner... Maybe I should rather state what they don't have (photo editing for one).
Google Docs & Spreadsheets
Free online word processing and spreadsheet.
Online photo editing
To edit and mix your videos online.
Upload, edit and share your videos and photos.
! Evernote
Synchronize notes, images and audio files between your PCs, tablet and smartphone.

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